7 tips to make your Android Phone's battery last a little while longer

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and feature rich everyday. The only problem everyone face nowadays with smartphones is how the battery drains in a small amount of time, especially if we tend to use data connectivity, play games etc. Even in today’s world, the technology hasn’t figured out a way to come up with a practical solution for this.

Anyway in today’s article we will see, the top ten tips to make your smartphone battery last a little while longer than it normally would.

1. Always close the apps which you don’t use. But it is better not to use any third party task manager for this. You can just open the built in task manager and clear out all the recently used apps. Another idea is to use Greenify. It can be used to hibernate apps which are not used much once the screen is locked. Believe me it can do wonders if you use it the right way.

2. Use dark colored themes and wallpapers. Your display uses more power to show white or bright colored images than the darker images. And if you have AMOLED displays, then if you use a perfect black wallpaper, your display will not even use power where it doesn’t have to show anything. AMOLED displays turn off the pixels where it has to display perfect black.

3. Turn off automatic brightness and set the brightness of your screen manually just enough to be visible. The downside is that, if you’re outside, and there is very high amount of light, your screen won’t be visible at all. So better to turn on automatic brightness when you’re about to go outside.

4. Turn off vibration and Haptic feedback. Haptic feedback and vibrations use a lot more battery power than you would imagine. So it is a better idea to turn both off unless you really need those.

5. Reduce the screen time out time. According to several studies a person turns on screen around 150 times. So if you reduce the time for screen time out, it will incredibly improve the battery backup time.

6. Turn off GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth and screen rotation whenever not needed. Turning off these services makes sure none of the sensors are active unless they are needed. Services like GPS and WiFi use a good amount of battery power and will drastically reduce the back up time.

7. Enable power saving mode whenever you’re not using any cpu intensive apps.

8. Turn on the airplane mode when you’re traveling and not expecting any calls. This way the phone will be usable except for the calls and other connectivity features without loosing power searching for the networks. This helps if you would like to listen to music while you’re traveling without draining out the battery before reaching your destination.