Top 5 file sharing services

This is an end of an era. Rapidshare has announced that they will be deleting all the files and shutting down their service on March 31st 2015. The Swiss cloud storage provider was once the most used file sharing platforms in the world. It was so popular that once it was ranked 50th most visited site on the planet. But it all changed when the media industry started to pressure them to take additional anti-piracy measures, which they did. But the cost was losing customers in large numbers.


The reason for shutting down of the site is not mentioned by the company, but it is kind of obvious that things didn’t go their way when they turned around their business model from file sharing/hosting platform to cloud storage. They lost an unimaginable number of users. Anyway here is the message posted by the Rapidshare team:

Rapidshare shut down

So we live in world, where reliable file sharing services are decreasing in numbers day by day. But nevertheless, here are the best five alternatives for the free file sharing services available today.


After megaupload, once the king of filesharing was hunted down by the authorities for copyright infringement, there was a serious void in the file sharing world. But the founder KIM DOT COM, created another service which has a far better model and encryption within just one year of the shutdown. The new site is one of the best file sharing platforms in todays world.

2. 4Shared

4Shared is another big player in the file sharing world. The good thing about them is how they lets us preview the media files without downloading them manually to your computer. It lets people to even search for the files which were uploaded by other users.

3. Zippyshare

Zippyshare has been online for quite a few years and they offer the basic and simpler way to share your files. You just upload the files and get the link and give it to your friend or whoever. There are not much features or anything incredible. But more and more people have been using their service for sharing files.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is more like a cloud storage/backup solution which can also be used to share files. More and more users are starting to use cloud storage services like Dropbox in today’s world. So if you haven’t started using it, you should give it a try.

5. Mediafire

Mediafire was a file sharing/hosting service provider sometime back. But when the copyright war became tense, they had to change this business model like Rapidshare. Like Dropbox you can share your files in this as well as they ahve designed their new service with file sharing in their mind.

So that concludes our list of top file file sharing services online. Which one do you use, let us know by commenting below.