qrcreatorHave you ever wanted to copy a link or a text from your computer to your smartphone? I have and I found the whole process rather cumbersome. Of course there are many ways and most of those tricks need you to install one or the other app on your smartphone or your computer. For a simple task like this, I don’t find doing a series of steps worthy enough.

Anyway long story short, I put my newfound knowledge of the language Go by Google and created a small portable application. This app is available for both Windows and Linux for free and no installation is needed.

Feed any link or text you want to share into this app and it will create a QR code. Now using your smartphone’s camera you can read the QR code and get the text.

How to steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Run it in the terminal or double click it.
    • If you’re using Linux, you may have to do a chmod +x downloaded-file-name before executing it.
  3. Paste/type the text you want to convert to QR code and press enter. This will open the Qr Code image.
  4. Scan the Qr code from your screen to get the text in your mobile.


Github link: QrCode for Text

Download link:

Currently I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t create it for Mac, if you have the time and a Mac system, feel free to fork the code and compile. Make sure to do a pull request, so that I can put it into the master branch.