Ian Murdock – A victim of police brutality?

Plato Puthur

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  • lucascott

    Aaron Swartz was never convicted nor tried. Prosecutors always go after the max that they can because that’s just their job. It wasn’t personal. Swartz was too chicken shit to actually fight them and took a coward’s way out. He was no hero. Had he fought, even if he lost the first round, that would have been heroic

    • Logan

      What a narrow, shitty perspective.

    • Ano

      Your insults reflect very poorly on you. And your expression that he would be a hero if he had gone to trial shows that you’re talking in black & white absolutist terms – you have very shitty rhetoric.

      Aaron shouldn’t have killed himself, but he was in an extreme frame of mind, which I hope you never have to experience. The REALITY is that the prosecutors were NOT doing their jobs, because they were immoral in how they conducted themselves, misapplied the law, and were harassing and punishing Aaron in extra-legal fashion, for which they should lose their jobs. It was not normal prosecution and you should not be satisfied with prosecutors that FAIL to stick to their jobs.

      Do your homework on the actions of the prosecution, then say what you want to say: that Aaron shouldn’t have killed himself. Bonus points if you say it without disrespect.

      • Amen to that.

      • ddsg

        payed trolls write comments