open source

Finding free applications for your daily tasks on computers is pretty difficult. And even if you found a couple of tools to suit your work, what if the application you downloaded is buggy and hardly help you to finish your work? Many people go to the closed source paid applications because of this fear. So in this article I am listing out a number of open source and free applications for your daily tasks. Sadly a few of the applications listed below are just free and not open source.


Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome: Both these applications works like a charm and often works a lot better than the pre-installed closed source alternative which windows provides: Internet Explorer.


Thunderbird: It is one of the best emailing applications out there, it often works a lot better and faster when compared to the other closed source or even paid alternatives.  Now if Thunderbird is being slow on your computer you might try this: Handy tips to speed up Thunderbird.

Antivirus Application

ClamiWin: On Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials does a great job on detecting viruses, spywares and adwares. But if that doesn’t cut it for you, you can try the open source antivirus for Windows by ClamAV: ClamWin

File archive and compression tool

7Zip: Most of the attachments on emails you get will probably in the form of compressed archive. So having an application for working with compressed archive files is must. The best option you can try in the open source scene is 7zip. 7Zip is my favorite compression tool considering it can handle almost all types of compression  formats which are being widely used such as zip, rar, gz and tar. It is very fast as well.

Media player

VLC: VLC media player is the only media player I use. It is very simple, fast and recognizes almost all the types of videos and audio formats. And yeah, it is open source as well.

Text Editor

Notepad++: Notepad++ is one of the most powerful text editors available today. It has a good number of addons which can be installed to meet your requirements. Of course it can take some time for getting used to it, but once you’re comfortable with it, you won’t need any other text editors.

PDF Creator

PDF Creator: Creating PDF is very easy if you know the right way to do it. This particular application makes it easier. You just have to prepare the document or image or whatever you want to include in a pdf and print it. This application creates a virtual printer in your system, so while printing you have to select this virtual printer and it will ask you where to save the pdf file.

PDF Viewer

Sumatra PDF: Sumatra PDF is a very fast pdf viewer and comes with a simple uncluttered user interface. The best part about it is, it can recognize a few similar formats like XPS apart from PDF. You can get a portable version as well from them which requires no installation.

Office software

Libre Office / Open Office: These are a couple of open source free alternatives for the Windows Office suite. It can do its job but are not better than Microsoft’s Office. But again, Microsoft’s Office costs a lot and if you’re not a fan of piracy I can say these 2 office suites are your best options.

Bitmap graphics editor

Gimp: Gimp is the best alternative to Adobe’s Photoshop. It has almost all the features which Photoshop provides.

Image/Graphics File Viewer

Irfanview: This is a free but not open source application for viewing images. It is fast, has a lot of options and is very small in size.

Digital darkroom software

LightZone: This is the best alternative application for Adobe Lightroom I could find. You will need to register in their website to get the download link.

Video editing

Lightworks: The standard version of Lightworks is free and can be considered as a good alternative for Adobe Premiere. It can do almost all the basic video editing works. But if you want to do more, they have a paid version which is still cheaper than Adobe’s Premiere.

I hope this article helps you in your question find working free applications. Stop being a pirate and use the free applications.