Themed Wordpress Maintenance Mode

Themed WordPress Maintenance Mode is a brand new plugin which lets you control your own WordPress website’s maintenance page easily. Add custom backgrounds, custom messages, email form, custom title and more. The plugin is a must have if you care about your visitors. Here are a few reasons why to buy this plugin:

1. Currently there aren’t many options to consider if you’re updating the design or testing out various features or a new theme other than completely make the site offline to visitors. So I created this plugin considering all that and with a vision to make your visitors  keep on coming to your website. This plugin lets you have a beautiful maintenance page for your visitors.

2. Now the best feature of this plugin is how it can be configured to let your users use the website usually based on their user roles. You can actually configure who can bypass the maintenance page. This way if you want, your fellow Editors, Authors, Contributors or even logged in subscribers can actually visit the site like usual. Set the permission level to admin and only your website administrators will have access to the website. All others will be seeing your maintenance page. Set it to Authors and your Admins, Editors and Authors will be able to use the site while all the others will be seeing the maintenance page. Like wise for all user roles.

3. Don’t worry your visitors are going to come back. With our plugin, visitors can actually leave their email id for you and can even contact you with their social media profiles. If you’re not interested in email ids of your users, you can choose to display a custom message from you.

4. Make the maintenance page even more beautiful by adding an image you want as the background.

5. Set a custom title for the page. Thus by making the page SEO friendly.

6. Set your Facebook and Twitter profile URLs to display it on the maintenance page.

Here are a few screenshots to show you how it works.

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Want more features, I am all ears. Register on this website and post your feedback, suggestions, feature requests, bug reports etc and I will get on to it. Thanks for considering this plugin, I hope you find your use for this plugin.

PS: If you’re facing any difficulties in making the donation, please contact meat
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