People who are Internet savvy will know about Google. But do they know Google store their data by default? If all those data goes into the wrong hands the consequences can’t be any good. In fact it would be a total disaster if you don’t know what kind of data they have of yours. In this article we will try to go through each of those sets of data Google has about you.

1. Who are you – Google’s version

As soon as you create a Google account, it creates a basic profile of yours which contains, you age, gender, interests, languages etc. They use it for showing relevant ads for you, or at least that’s what they say. The good thing? you can opt out of this, thus by sharing nothing with them.

You can actually see it here:

2. Where are or were you – Google location history

Google Maps

This applies to use who use smartphones and or Google Maps. Whenever you go somewhere it is actually getting logged in their servers which can be accessed at any point of time by you, or the attacker who has cracked your account. Here also you’re free to delete your location history from specific dates or altogether. See the link below for more info.


3. What do you search for – Google Search history

Did you know Google always saves your search entries. So if you don’t want to embarrass yourself with your really lame of NSFW search history by accidentally showing it to your friends or relatives I suggest you delete it. Well, it is your choice to or not to delete it.

Access Google Search History here:

4. What all devices you own or use – Google device history

Would you believe if I told you Google know what kind of devices you own or the devices you have ever used as your own? Well, believe it as it is a fact. Google logs all your devices and other devices on which you access your Google account. It even logs the IP addresses the devices used to get connected to Internet and approximate location while you were using the device as well. By clicking through the link below you will be able to see the devices and their locations. Sadly it can’t be deleted.

See it here:

5. Google Data stored by Apps and extensions

Whenever you use social logins for registering an account at any apps or extensions, you’re basically giving them the access to your Google/Facebook/Twitter data. So you must make sure you do it with only trusted apps or extensions and also make sure you’re giving out only the info which are needed. You can revoke the permissions from these apps and extensions if you don’t use those apps/extensions anymore.


So these are the places where you can view all these Google’s stored data about you. If you would like to download the entire archive of your data with Google click on the link below and you can do it.