Working Demonoid invites – Dec 2014 [Updated]

Plato Puthur

Plato Puthur is the owner at Tech Tuft and has been working with websites since 2009. He enjoys playing games on XBOX, browsing through reddit and using Android smartphones. Currently he owns a Moto X2 and a Samsung Tab 2

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  • Vraat

    Thanks! i got obscurant1stXoaf3mj27c2x82366tni6eisaasgd (the last one) thanks your very much

    • xpl0iter

      Thanks a lot for replying! Not many people do that! 🙂

  • s1aver

    Shoot I missed out. Will you be posting more in the future? I only really ever download Grym’s encodes and now the pirate bay is down Demonoid is the only other place I know to get them.

    • xpl0iter

      Yeah we will be posting more codes! 🙂

      • s1aver

        Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out.

  • mohit

    Hi tt! when will you post next? Am waiting eagerly! Please tell how long?

    • xpl0iter

      Will be posting some time around next couple of weeks!

      • SoFreshThisKid

        Sooo…it’s been a couple weeks lol may I have an invite code please?

      • Thiago

        It is sooooooooo hard to get a working code! :/ If it isn’t possible to send one to my email, I’ll keep trying. 🙂 Thx for posting them!

        • SnakeOil

          Geez… Don’t be such a loser. They just talking about publishing invitation codes, but every time you try it the codes are always invalid. Its just a simple method for making morons like you to visit this page and refresh it gazillion times a day. Grow up dude.

          • Well, I really don’t know what to say. We publish real invite codes, and if you’re familiar with the demonoid control panel, you can see the image I post is a direct screenshot from the demonoid page where we can generate invites. This post is from December, when you should have checked the post from Jan.

            I post a few codes every month. So if you want the code, I suppose you have to be the first few people to see the post and make use of it. There are at least a couple of people who have commented thanking me for the codes.


  • j-sus

    Could you e-mail me an demonoid invite code please…. my e-mail:
    That whould make my day:)

  • cakarkg84

    Please can you send me a code on my email

  • Andre

    please code for andrecgr,

  • heavye

    Hi beautiful people, can someone send me a Demonoid code? my email is Many thanks