Working Demonoid invites – March 2015 [Updated]

Plato Puthur

Plato Puthur is the owner at Tech Tuft and has been working with websites since 2009. He enjoys playing games on XBOX, browsing through reddit and using Android smartphones. Currently he owns a Moto X2 and a Samsung Tab 2

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  • M

    🙂 THANK YOU!

    • d3fi4nt

      You’re welcome!

  • Dem0noidR0cks!

    Bahh!! they’re already used. Anyone mind sending me an invitation at: Thank you!

    • d3fi4nt

      Please do check our website frequently so that you will know as soon as the invite codes are posted. Also every now and then we send out invite codes through the email news letter, so subscribe to our email newsletter as well!

  • Vishal Ssrk

    I liked the FB page still i didnt get invitation code

  • Adam Jarvis

    Darn! All of them are used. If anyone would kindly email me a code at That would be swell!

  • India

    hi there, could anyone kindly send me a code as well at Thank you so much! 🙂

  • brett

    could someone send me an invite please? ive been searching for the past 2 years now!…thank you 🙂

  • elokii

    If you could e-mail me a code to it’d be greatly appreciated. I am a student and need alot of the software I can get from this trusted site….thank you for your time.

  • genosun

    Hi, can i get a invite code for demonoid?

  • Toni

    Hello would someone please send me an invite code as well my email is Thank you so much

  • Bunny1105

    Hey can I please get a invite code for demonoid?

  • Robert can you please send me a demonoid invite please… thank you in advance

  • dakrido

    hi there, any invite codes left??? thanx, and keep up the good work!

  • wmoncadau

    Please send me an invite code my email is Thank you!

  • jim

    send me pls!! 🙂

  • hasan_orin

    can anyone please send me the code???

  • Mandie

    Can someone please send me a valid working code I would greatly appreciate it! thank you so much =) honeyface9507 @ yahoo . com

  • Hanna

    Hi, pls send me a working code to pretty pls 😀

  • jenn

    Please send an invite code my way 🙂

  • Michael

    Hi can somebody send invitation code please.
    Many thanks!

  • marwen_xts

    please could I have a invite??

  • Dobriqn Dimitrov

    please send me a code e-mail

  • Mauricio

    please send an invitation mi mail is

  • Dany

    please send me a code …

  • serebristyi

    please send me a code e-mail

  • wanda

    could someone please send me an invite code thanks

  • renke

    Could you please send me a demonoid invitation code…? my email is thank you soooo much

  • ian

    please send a invite code to thanks Ian

  • Jonathon Chelsea Goodwin Mello

    codes dont work anymore can i have one emial plz to thanks in advance

  • Hugo

    anyone have an invite for TOR demonoid, so that I can get back in…I used to be a member but somehow my details got lost when everything went tits up/


  • awesomecarlshow

    can u email me a code carlraymiller2011

  • Ethan


    Please could you send me an invitation code for Demonoid.
    My email is

    Thank you in advance.

  • poletto

    bonjour , voulais vous bien m’envoyer un code invitation pour demonoid SVP. que je contribue au partage , je suis connecter 24/24 mail:

  • Potrollinbear

    Can you please email a code I no longer live with my dad and he had an account! Time to get me own please and thank you ? one love ✌

  • irfan

    please send me a demonoid invitation code…… thx in advance mate…

  • Tek

    hi can u send me a code at @d3fi4nt:disqus ty m8 in advance

  • craig

    can u send me a code please my email is

  • kevin obrien

    can you send me an invitation code?

  • redawg

    Really bummed. I was locked out of my hotmail account. Now my Demonoid username and e-mail don’t match. Could you please, please send me an invite to Thank you

  • manoj

    guyz send me a code