Lenovo Z2 Plus Nougat update

Lenovo Z2 Plus aka Zuk Z2 Nougat Update

After purchasing Lenovo Z2 Plus in India I was in search for the information on the Android 7.0 aka Nougat update with no luck,...

How to: Copy text from computer to your smartphone

Have you ever wanted to copy a link or a text from your computer to your smartphone? I have and I found the whole process rather cumbersome....

Things you didn’t know you could do with your Android smartphones

There are a lot of features which the users never use in Android devices. Here in this article we will discuss about the least...
top 3 android video editing tools

Top 3 Android Video Editing Tools

Finding the right video editing tool is difficult, especially if you don't have much time to checkout the plethora of video editing tools online....
Moto E

Five best Android phones under $150 or 9,000 INR

Making the choice about which smartphone to take is really difficult nowadays. It really helps if you narrow it down to one particular platform....

Top five best Android launchers – July 2014

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Golang: Parsing iOS plist files

A couple of days back I had to parse a iOS plist a.k.a. property list file so that I can change the...

Top 30 Secret Android Codes

Here is a lsit of secret Android codes which lets you access certain hidden aspects of your Android devices and track down issues.

Top 3 affordable VPNs for anonymity and unblocking websites

I have been using one or the other VPN services for quite sometime now. Sometimes, its to access blocked websites, sometimes...