Kickstarter sure is a place which hosts a lot of good things to do with technology. Recently a new project has come up online and is going to revolutionize the anonymizer industry thus by helping people to escape from the spying eyes of the government and all others. The project is known as Anonabox which is a portable tiny router. The group of privacy-focused developers developers behind this product has already developed a working version of this and has given their friends and relatives to try it out.

The good thing about this is how tiny it is. You can just put this in your pocket and take it anywhere you go. Plugging this to your ethernet cable and computer will make sure all the traffic in and out will be encrypted hiding your IP address. The concept behind this is TOR itself which is an already popular platform for anonymizing your internet usage. But it gets its points where it manages to anonymize all the traffic without no configuration. If you were to use TOR, it can only anonymize the browser traffic from out of the box. If you were to use TOR for anonymizing anything other than the browser, there are hell lot of complicated steps you have to do before you can achieve that. Anonabox excels here.

You can find more details about this at the Kickstarter project home page: Anonabox