dodol locker

The beauty of Android is the obvious ability of customizing different aspects of the operating system. Among one of these, is the different lock screens available with Android. Here in this series we will see which third party android lock screens are worth trying out in 2014. This part covers the dodol locker android locker application.

This is the one I currently use and I must say the work done by the team behind this app is impressive. The main reason why I chose it to be the first in this series is because, how it shows you various steps to make it the default lock screen app. Many other android lock screen applications don’t show that and let the users find out how to do it by themselves. And believe me when I say this, it is not that easy to figure out to do that properly if you’re new to the Android ecosystem.

Another good thing about this locker is how it offers ability to install various user made/official themes and customize them the way you want. It supports to pins and patterns to prevent unauthorized access to your phone as well.