Have you ever had a problem which won’t let you restore or switch windows, when clicked from taskbar? Well it has happened for me and after hours and hours of searching, I didn’t find a single solution which will make the problem go away. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have workarounds. Here I will write a few workarounds which will make the problem go away for some time.

Workaround #1: This problem is said to be happening because the one or more programs are in “super state”. To disable it, click on the already maximized window and press “ctrl+alt+esc” on your keyboard. Now check if the the problem is solved, if not, try this same with all the open windows. This will make the issue disappear for sometime.

Workaround #2: Press “win button+d” and click on the window which you need to maximize. This way you can maximize the window atleast.

Workaround #3: Open task manager and killĀ  explorer.exe. Then start it again from task manager itself, by going to file -> Run new task.

Let me know if any of these works for you. In case if these don’t work and you have another method, please comment your tip to make it work below.