So we’re starting a new series featuring promising startups from today, we really hope you enjoy reading about these. The first pick is called Fleye – The ultimate personal flying robot.

What is it:

Fleye in action
Fleye in action

Fleye is a self aware drone, so the name flying robot. The best thing about this is how you won’t even need any flying skills to fly it. It is the safest coolest drone with a small computer embedded into it. This makes it self aware to an extend – It knows how to avoid obstacles with the use of its sensors and the computer it has.

Fleye can execute its tasks autonomously so that you can focus
on the most important : capturing awesome memories.

What makes this project cool:


Posted by TechTuft on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It has a lot of features and functionalities which most of the other drones don’t have.

  • It is simple to use and autonomous
  • Open and programmable by developers using it’s SDK and APIs
    • Fleye can be programmed to execute mission autonomously, reacting to what it sees in its environment.
  • Fully shielded and safest when it comes to drones. All of its moving parts are inside a shield which makes it the safest drone out there.
  • Can be controlled using their smartphone application (iOS/Android support)
  • Supports both autonomous and manual piloting
  • It has several flying modes such as selfie, panorama, virtual tripod, etc.. You can also watch the live video stream to focus on capturing great photos and videos.
  • If you prefer to use manual control, you can use the virtual gamepad or you can even use a bluetooth gamepad by connecting it to your smartphone.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Here is what you can do with Fleye if you still have no idea how it can be useful to you.

What can Fleye do!
What can Fleye do!

Who is behind this cool project and is it available to buy:

Fleye is the brainchild of the duo Laurent and Dimitri. Both are experienced engineers and their combined experience of 30 years makes the flying robot dream from sci-fi a reality.


But no, you can’t buy it as of now. The project is still under development but the good part is how there is a working prototype. But it will soon be available for buying if they gets enough funding on Kickstarter. And guess what, cool projects like these never has any difficulty in getting enough funding. Almost 89% is already funded on Kickstarter.

Let us know what you think about this project by commenting below. Also we do welcome your feedback for our new series of startups.