FUSAR Mohawk

In today’s edition of start up feature series we are featuring Mohawk, a device which will convert any helmet to a smart one. The device is small, lightweight but packed with all the features a rider would want while riding with his helmet.

What is Mohawk:

Mohawk is the first universal smart helmet system which can make any helmet smart. It’s packed with a lot of features and functionalities such as action camera, activity tracker, communication device, navigation unit, music player, black box and emergency alert system.

FUSAR Mohawk Features
FUSAR Mohawk Features

For seamless tracking, integration and connectivity it comes with an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS.

How does it work:

AllJointFirefly-1So now you know what it is, you might have a basic idea of how it will work. You can mount it on any helmet both on top or on side. This low-profile and aerodynamic device will be pretty hard to notice at a first glance, so you won’t look like a freak show. This makes it easy for everyone to wear it without worrying about the attention you would get if you were to mount other action cameras such as GoPro.


The device has a small unique pre-load spring which will stop it from hitting the surface of the helmet in case you are riding through uneven roads. This spring also helps the device to contour to different helmet shapes and stabilize the device during use.

The remote control:

Another awesome feature of this device is how it has a remote control. This remote control can be fitted on the handle of your ride or even on your wrist making it easy to control the device without reaching for your helmet.


Like I said earlier the device comes with a lot of features one would ever need while going for a ride. It include basic ones like waterproof design, ability to record videos, emergency contact, black box mode, crash detection and 180 degrees rotatable lense so that you can mount the device wherever you want on your helmet.

Other features include:

  • Take pictures, record HD videos by using the remote control
  • Sync the recorded videos and captured images to your smartphone on the fly.
  • HotShotâ„¢ feature – Save the last 15 seconds video even if you were not recording. This way you can save the video if something unexpected happens while you were not recording.
  • Cloud-based push-to-talk communication feature enables up to 12 users to chat walkie-talkie style, over any distance.
  • Track your activity
  • Sends SMS and email alerts to your emergency contacts when a crash is detected with the details of your precise location and the local phone numbers of the three nearest EMS dispatchers.
  • The black box feature locks down the last two minutes of audio, video, speed, direction of travel, and other telemetry information. This way you’ll have a full, contextual record of what happened leading up to the incident.

Where can you buy it:

So the team has a working prototype ready, but isn’t available to buy. It can be pre-ordered from their fund raiser campaign and if everything goes according the plan, they will be shipping it to you by July 2016. Here is a link to their indiegogo fundraiser campaign: FUSAR Mohawk

Please do let us know what you think about this product by commenting below.