Connecting to servers via SSH is the most preferred method for accessing and controlling servers. In Linux like Ubuntu, it is quote easy as the terminal comes with this ability to connect via SSH. But in Windows you need a separate tool for getting this functionality. Here is how you use Putty to connect via SSH in Windows.

  • Step one is to download Putty. (Download here)
  • Open putty and select session from the menu on right side.

SSH in Windows

  • Type in the ip address, port number if the server uses a custom port(in most cases you won’t have to change the default one).
  • Now select SSH from below the ip address text field.
  • Click on Open button and wait for the connection to initialize.
  • It might ask for the confirmation for the first time for each server, click on yes, and then enter username and password.

That’s it. If you need any help with connecting via SSH to a server using Putty in Windows, let me know by commenting below.