What would you do for installing all those essential softwares once you have a clean install of Windows operating system on your PC? Most people would do it one by one, after downloading each and everything again one by one. If downloading the applications one by one is itself is a tiresome job, installing will make you want to stop doing it. But what if I told you, you just have to download one application and that application would do all the downloading and installation by itself, without even any  inputs from you once it starts. Well, this time saving gem of a software exists. Here in this article I we will see how to use it.

Website link: Ninite


  1. Head over to the website and select the application you would want on your system.
  2. Click on Get installer.
  3. Download the app and run it on the computer you wish to.
  4. Wait until it finishes, and viola, you have all the apps you wanted on your system.

Note: Obviously you would need an active Internet connection for downloading.