Internet Relay Chat otherwise known as IRC is a gold mine if you don’t know it already. Want to have a quick chat with random people with similar interest, IRC got it, need help with something very urgently, IRC can help you, have a doubt in something again IRC will probably help you. IRC is like discussion boards but much faster. You will get to see people with similar interests ready to help out each and everyone. I myself have been using IRC for clearing doubts while I am programming, in foreign languages and while configuring stuff in Ubuntu Linux.

The only problem about IRC is not much people know about it and use it. So here in this article I will explain how you can download, install and use IRC on Windows.

  • I am using HexChat as the IRC client. You can download it here: Link
    • Of course there a lot of other free and paid clients, you can do a Google search for and try out many other ones to see which one gets your interest.
  • Once downloaded, install it and open the application.
  • Once you open it, it will ask you for a username, nickname and a server to connect to. I usually go to which has a lot of different channels. My commonly used channels are on freenode, so I always log into it. It has, channels for almost all the Linux distros, Windows, Microsoft Office, C++. Qt, Android, Java, CSS, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, WordPress, different languages etc.


  • Once you have set your nickname and username and selected the server, click on connect.
  • Select I’ll join a channel later if it asks you to join a channel.
  • Once it connects it will check if your username has already registered to someone else. If it says so, please click on the username and select a new username for you.

How to set IRC Username

  • To log into some channels you would need a registered username. So before joining a channel we will see how you can register it.
  • Just type in the following command in the typing box with your details add to it. See the screenshot below to get an idea.
/msg NickServ REGISTER password


  • And now press enter. You will be getting a validation email to confirm the nick registration. So make sure you open and validate the email within one day. The email will have another command to type in the HexChat IRC client. See the screenshot below.


  • Log in to your nick in HexChat by typing in the following command.
/msg NICKSERV identify <password>
  • Now type in the command you got from the email in HexChat and your nick will be registered to you with the password you specified while creating it.


  • Now that you have logged in using your nick, you can try logging into different channels. For now I will show how you can log in to Windows Channel. For this just type in the following command.
/join #Windows


So that’s it, now you can ask away all your doubts and questions you have with Windows OS. But make sure you have read the announcements and rules/guidelines of the channel to make sure you don’t get banned for something. Here is a list of channels I log into every now and then.

/Join #Ubuntu
/Join #Ubuntu-offtopic
/Join #linux
/Join #cars
/Join #english
/Join #css
/Join #html
/Join #php
/Join #wordpress
/Join #python
/Join #perl
/Join #java


Have fun. If you have any doubts or if you’re stuck at some place, do comment below with your concerns and questions. I will gladly help yo out.