Update: Thanks (**pun intended**) to pressure from copyright holders including Sony Pictures, who ordered Joker’s hosting company to pull the plug.

In this age of copyright lawsuits no one is safe while they are downloading pirated videos or apps using torrents. Torrents always reveal your IP addresses and people use VPNs another anonymizing methods to hide their identity. Often these options come with a price tag. But today we have a new free service using which you can watch all the movies/serials/songs without worrying about your identity. This service doesn’t reveal your IP like other torrent clients do. Read more about it here.

The service is basically a clean and simple website at For watching a movie or tv show or any other video for that matter, just go to their website and paste the magnetic link/torrent link in their text submission box. You don’t even have to press enter after submitting the link, that’s how simple it is. As soon as you post the link, it will start processing your request and present you a video player with basic controls with abilities to pause and play or skip forward or backward.

How it works is still not known as the authors of the website haven’t commented on it yet. The obvious factor is, they are probably downloading the torrent file for the stream in their server backend and then presenting it to the viewers. The not so obvious part is how they manage to cover the server and bandwidth costs. I guess we will know more as the developers release a statement. One thing we know is, this is not the end of strong and bold moves like this.