Windows 10

Error code 0xc0000260 – Windows 10

TechTuft will be covering a hell lot of Windows 10 tutorials very soon. This is just the start. So what is Error code 0xc0000260...

Can’t open minimized windows on taskbar – Fix it

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How to set up IRC on Windows

Internet Relay Chat otherwise known as IRC is a gold mine if you don't know it already. Want to have a quick chat with...
Windows 10

Error code 0x0000005C – Windows 10

This is the second tutorial for our Windows 10 how to section and this one explains how to fix the error code 0x0000005C in...

How to use TOR to hide your identity to be anonymous and unblock websites

TOR is one of those techniques by which you can be anonymous and access blocked websites at the same time. The best part about...

How to change Windows system lock screen and login screen

Customizing Windows is not always easy. But it never meant we can't do it. Most of the customizations can be done use the inbuilt...


Top 30 Secret Android Codes

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Top 3 affordable VPNs for anonymity and unblocking websites

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