Ian Murdock
Ian Murdock

The father of Debian Ian Murdock passed away recently.  The whole tech community is mourning for the loss of this awesome individual who worked towards the betterment of Internet and technology. But there is something which is not being discussed currently by most people, which in my opinion is a dishonour to him and his memories. So I thought let’s dig it up a little bit.  A few others have tried to dig it up on several social media and user submission networks like YCombinator.

Did you know just before he died, Ian had said he was going to devote the rest of his life to fighting police brutality. And a lot of people are saying he committed suicide although it is not clear on why or how he did it, hell no one has any information on the cause of his death. The (apparently) unchecked psychological instability is arguably the suckiest part of this ordeal. I don’t know who is it want his death to be framed as a suicide. Now lets have a look at his controversial tweets which he posted before his death.

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You can see his archived tweets here.

So what happened to him, is it a possible suicide, or did he die from the injuries he sustained from the said police brutality? Or did the police kill him? Reading through the tweets and thinking about it a bit scary. If it can happen to a person like he, it can happen to any of us. But at one point in his tweets he mentions a policewoman who tried to pull down his underwear. This makes me think whether drugs could have played a role.

Whatever the truth may be, the events which unfolded in his life just before his death surely traumatized him. There is nothing against that and anyone could understand that if they read the tweets.

Of course we should be sensitive to his family and friends and not traumatize them further. But that’s no excuse for leaving the criminals who did this to walk free and kill more of us.

Don’t “wait for the family to release more information”. Find the information yourself, in Google Cache, on Twitter, wherever you can. It may not be there tomorrow or the day after.

kragen on YCombinator wrote this and I couldn’t agree more. You shouldn’t let this go easily, we need to know what happened to Ian and bring all those people to justice who directly or indirectly made this happen.

I hope you guys remember Aaron Swartz, another good person who committed suicide because if the injustice of the system. We don’t need more deaths like this. We can prevent this if we all act together.

My heartfelt condolences to his loved ones. We will miss him dearly……