If you get way too many emails every day from several services or websites, then I think it is time that you have tried out the filter feature in Gmail. This feature lets you to organize emails to save you from a cluttered inbox thus by not letting any important emails go unnoticed. The process of setting up a filter is not that complicated and well worth the time & effort. So here is how you can do that.

  • Open the settings on your Gmail
  • Go to the filters tab and click on create new filter.
  • Now fill out the form for filter with the conditions you would like to match. You can choose to set the from email or to email, or a subject line which the emails would have or, set it to detect the emails if it contain a certain phrase etc.
  • Now click on the search icon before clicking on the create new filter button. This will let you see if your filter detects the emails you want it to. If it doesn’t filter the email, you can redo the previous step and see if that works out.
  • Now once it has the results you want, click on the down arrow at the end of the search box. See screenshot.
  • Now click on create filter with this search and select the options you want. See the screenshot for details on what options you have. A Good idea is to create a new label and move the filtered emails to this label by skipping the inbox.
  • Also please don’t forget to select “Also apply filter to matching conversations.”
  • Now click on create filer button and everything will be set.

Steps to do in screenshots:

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If you have any doubts or have anything to add, do let me know by commenting below.