tinymce in rails

TinyMCE toolbar customization in Rails – Header buttons directly on toolbar

Recently I had to find a way to add heading1 and heading2 buttons directly to the TinyMCE toolbar. Now considering that I had to do it...
Ruby on Rails

Collection of Ruby on Rails Learning Resources

I have written quite a lot of applications in the last few years in different languages. And I constantly try and learn new languages...
Ruby on Rails

ROR: Share codes between multiple controllers using concerns

So last week while I was programming for a project and I came across a need for having the same code in 2 controllers....


Golang: Parsing iOS plist files

A couple of days back I had to parse a iOS plist a.k.a. property list file so that I can change the...

Top 30 Secret Android Codes

Here is a lsit of secret Android codes which lets you access certain hidden aspects of your Android devices and track down issues.

Top 3 affordable VPNs for anonymity and unblocking websites

I have been using one or the other VPN services for quite sometime now. Sometimes, its to access blocked websites, sometimes...