Find niche designers, hi-street fashion & lifestyle stores and national brands on
Window Shopping for Local Products and Offers in Bangalore

Although e-commerce is in the limelight in India, it is still estimated that the touch and feel of offline retail, especially in the fashion and lifestyle category will still remain relevant.  By 2020, almost 97% of the estimated retail sales of Rs 62,40,000 crore will still happen offline. Bangalore-based Retale, started by Aditya (an ex-Googler) & Shreya (an ISB grad) has looked at this market gap in launching Retale– Mobile Window Shopping.

Find niche designers, hi-street fashion & lifestyle stores and national brands on
Discover men’s and women’s fashion – clothes, accessories, bags, footwear and home furnishings and lifestyle decor and offers in Bangalore on

Retale will help you Stay Stylish!

Now don’t waste time in the traffic, or worry about spending lesser time with your loved ones! The Retale website and mobile apps are an engaging product discovery platform for physical stores in Bangalore. The dynamic mobile apps and website provide information on the go, and help you window-shop anytime, anywhere.

It is your guide to top stores, brands, offers and sales in your location. With Retale, you can be updated about latest fashion, home decor and lifestyle trends, best deals and products in Bangalore. The stores and brands you love will come alive in the palm of your hand!

It just doesn’t end here – add your favourite finds from clothing, accessories, footwear & more to your wishlist & stay inspired. Shopping and going out find a whole new meaning when you recommend and share your latest find with friends, and earn exciting rewards within the mobile apps.

Follow brands & know how your friends stay in trend with Retale. Retale has revolutionized street shopping by bringing on Tibet Mall, Commercial Street, Dubai Plaza and other street fashion and shopping in Bangalore onto Retale.

So now, log on to Retale & Change the Way You Shop!

Download the Retale Mobile Apps on Android & iOS for a great experience, and to easily discover the latest fashion and trends in Bangalore.

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