FUSAR Mohawk

FUSAR Mohawk – Make ANY Helmet Smart

In today's edition of start up feature series we are featuring Mohawk, a device which will convert any helmet to a smart one. The...

Airbar – Helps you add the touchscreen functionality to any display

In todays start up feature series, we are featuring Airbar. Touchscreen is the most widely used input technology after keyboard and mouse. The good thing...

Fleye – The ultimate personal flying robot

So we're starting a new series featuring promising startups from today, we really hope you enjoy reading about these. The first pick is called...


Top 3 affordable VPNs for anonymity and unblocking websites

I have been using one or the other VPN services for quite sometime now. Sometimes, its to access blocked websites, sometimes...

Top 3 Android Video Editing Tools

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Dropleaf lets you play games legally without actually buying them

For as long as I can remember, finding affordable yet good games to play has been very difficult. You have to either spent a...