Best linux distro for novice users

People always have been unsure about moving to a new operating system. If you’re talking about moving to a Linux based operating system, then most people won’t even think about it. Mac to Windows and Windows to Mac is ok, but anything to Linux is a big no for most people. The fear comes from the unknown. Most people think Linux is some operating system which are used only by the computer professionals and it needs vast amount of computer knowledge when reality is different. So if you think like that please stop, Linux has gone way better in user friendliness in the last few years and can be easily chosen as an alternative without a doubt. In some cases Linux is better than most of the other operating systems out there today.

Now the beauty of Linux comes where you can try out various distros with different functionalities, features and user interfaces. These various different Linux OSes are known as distros. If you just want to browse, watch movies and play games, then it doesn’t matter which Linux distro you use. But again, if you’re confused about switching into an operating system that is totally unfamiliar to you, let me help you out by suggesting Linux distributions which are similar in various ways to your previously used Operating system.

Note: All the operating systems listed below are free!

Best Linux Distro to use if you’re a Windows XP user: Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition
Download link:

cinnamonLinux Mint is the third most widely used operating system currently, and has a lot of features which can make your life simpler. It works out of the box and comes with full multi media support. The OS is based on Ubuntu which helps it to come with a lot of quality softwares. The best part about Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition is how similar it looks to Windows XP. So if you’re switching from Windows XP, it will be an easy task for you.

Best Linux Distro if you’re a Windows 7/Vista user: Kubuntu/Zorin OS
Kubuntu download link:
Zorin OS download link:

Kubuntu_jauntyKubuntu: This operating system is very similar to Ubuntu but comes with KDE desktop. KDE comes with a lot of eye candy features and the UI is very rich. And most of all it is similar to Windows operating systems. You can even add widgets and stuff to your desktop. This distro comes from the Ubuntu family and just because of that you won’t find any difficulties in finding your favorite softwares. Another great thing about Kubuntu is the support you get from various sources like IRC, Forums etc. They have a really large community, so in case you run into any issues, you wont’ have to worry much, just remember there are a lot of people who are ready to help you out!

Zorin-Desktop_enlZorin OS: Now if the similar look and feel of Kubuntu was not enough for you to make the switch, then don’t worry. We have another distro which looks almost the same as Windows 7. The distro is called Zorin OS and it is designed especially to help out new users who are making the switch from Windows 7 to Linux. This is a new distro, so I don’t really know about the helping community.

Best Linux Distro if you’re a Windows 8/8.1 user: Ubuntu
Download link:

Ubuntu_GNOME_13.10_ScreenShotUbuntu OS: Ubuntu is one of the most widely used operating systems and has more than 20 million users. The newest version of Ubuntu is a very touch friendly and can be used as a replacement for Windows 8/8.1. The switch won’t be of any difficulties and in case you come across any issues, let me tell you the helping community is much better than that of Windows. Even I have been using Ubuntu for the last few years, so in case of any issues or doubts, ask me by commenting below and I will try my level best to help you out! 😉

Best Linux Distro if you’re a OS X/Mac user: Elementary OS
Download link:

Elementary OSElementary OS: If someone ever tells you Linux doesn’t look good or clean, Elementary OS should be your answer. This is an elegant operating system and looks much better than most of the other Linux distros. If you like minimalistic & aesthetic look then this should be your choice. There are some inbuilt apps created by the developers of the OS which is simply mind blowing. So thats an added advantage!

So are you ready?

Let me know what you think about making the switch. And of course comment below with your feedbacks, suggestions and which one you’re planning to switch to. Also let me hear your doubts as well if you have any!