top-8-ways-to-use-OTG-cablesThere are a lot of features which the users never use in Android devices. Here in this article we will discuss about the least commonly used feature, the OTG support on Android devices.

Nowadays most of the Android devices comes with OTG support. OTG  support means, you can plug in almost any USB device and it will most likely be supported by the Android device you have. Here is a few fun things you will be able to do with it if your device supports OTG devices.

First of all if your device has a microUSB port, then you will need an adapter cable for using the OTG feature. Buy one from here.


1. Type using your USB Keyboard.

Yes, you can just plugin your normal USB keyboard to your device using the adapter cable and it will work. You can use it to type really long text easily.

2. Use your mouse instead of using the touch screen

You can plugin the USB mouse to the OTG adapter cable and use it to control the device instead of using the touch screen. If you have a standard wireless mouse, you can plugin the Wireless adapter to this OTG drive and the mouse will work as well. You will see a black mouse pointer as soon as your device detects the mouse.

3. Use your mobile phone to control your DSLR camera

Another incredible feature of this OTG support is how you can control your DSLR camera with your mobile phones. You will need an app to control the camera. To find the app, just search for dslr otg in Play Store and download the app which says it will support your particular make of DSLR. In case if the app is not free, they will have a link in the description for a compatibility checker app. So make sure you try it out and confirm whether the app supports your camera before paying for it.

4. Use any USB gamepad and play games on Android

You can plug in most of the USB gamepads and use it to play games on Android devices easily. Playing games with better control and visibility is an incredible hack if you ask me.

5. Use your smartphone as a radio scanner

How cool it will be if you can use your Android smartphone or tablet as a radio scanner? You can do it if your device has OTG support. Just buy any of these USB SDR Receivers and plug it into the OTG adapter which  is connected to your phone. Then download this app SDR Touch – Live offline radio from play store and install it. That’s it. Listen and record live on air FM stereo radio stations with RDS, weather reports, emergency stations, taxi traffic, airplane communications, audio of analogue TV broadcasts, HAM radio amateurs, digital broadcasts and many more.

6. Use your LAN connection to connect to Internet on Android Device

Stuck at some place with a LAN connection without WiFi. Buy one of these USB to ethernet connectors and connect it to your smartphone/tablet. You will get connected to Internet in no time if the LAN has DHCP enabled. You can even share this connection with Wireless AP on your device. So basically your smartphone acts as a Wireless Router for all your WiFi enabled devices.

7. Print directly from your smartphone

Connect the OTG adapter to your smartphone and the printer and then print directly from your smartphone.

8. Move files between your USB stick and Android device.

If you have some files on a USB stick which you need to share or you have a movie which you would like to watch on your Android device, connect the USB stick to this OTG adapter and move/copy files between the smartphone/tablet and the USB stick. Most of the popular file managers for Android supports OTG drives.

I hope you found this article helpful and you have found a new love for your Android devices. Let us know how this OTG support has helped you by commenting below. Also share this with your friends if you can.