Email marketing is the one thing that will give you the results every time if you use it correctly. People who say otherwise are stupid and you shouldn’t be listening to those people. Anyway if you’re ready to start your email marketing campaigns you will be needing a few tools to help you make your life easier. If you use WordPress and looking to start the campaign, then you have come to the right place. Here I have handpicked the best five tools each WordPress blogger should be using.

1. Mailchimp

Each email marketing campaign should use a tool which does most of the work. But most of these tools are either doesn’t offer good and handy features or costs too much for a small business to use. But Mailchimp is a tool which has a lot of incrediblly helpful features and yet being offered for free. Well, they have a free plan, but as you grow you will have to become a paid member. But for most small businesses their free version will be more than enough. Here is a list of features available for the free version users of Mailchimp.

  1. If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely free.
  2. Flexible design, custom design, ready to use themes and templates for newsletters.
  3. Automate sending emails to your subscribers
  4. Powerful analytics – Track your subscribers activities, click and much more.
  5. Integration with mutiple platforms

2. Ninja Popups – Best Popup Email Subscription Form plugin for WordPress

Now if you have set up your email campaign tool, you will need a place where your website visitors can subscribe to your list. You can put the subscription form in many places. But out of all those methods, the best idea is to open the subscription form as an overlay box inside your website. Ninja Popups give the best popup subscription box from what I have seen. They have a lot of really beautiful themes along with the form styler. If you didn’t like any of the given themes(which is almost impossible as they really have a lot of cool themes) you can use this styler to create your own style for the pop up box. And the best part is, it support plenty of email marketing tools like Mailchimp. Here a few of the features it offers:

Ninja Popups

3. Chimpy – The best in-post subscription form creator

After the popups, you will need a subscription form for your posts and pages as well. So that if for some reason your visitor chooses to close the popup and finds a really persuading content after that which makes him/her want to subscribe, they can do that from within the post itself. Here is where this plugin comes in. This is one of the best Mailchimp plugins for form creation I have used.


  1. WordPress MailChimp Integration
  2. Create multiple signup forms
  3. Display eye-catching popup on pages of your choice
  4. Require visitors to subscribe before they can access posts
  5. Opt-in Checkbox
  6. WordPress User Sync

These are the tools you will need before you start your email marketing campaign. If you have any doubts feel free to ask me by using the comment section below. Also make sure you subscribe to our email list for receiving our tips about email marketing. We will soon be publishing an ebook for helping the beginners in email marketing.