top 3 android video editing tools

Finding the right video editing tool is difficult, especially if you don’t have much time to checkout the plethora of video editing tools online. Here is where we come in; in this article I am going to write about 3 Android video editing tools which I think are the best ones out there. Obviously these are my choices, so all of you may not like what I have to offer for various reasons. If you don’t like my choices, please do comment below with your choice of video editing tool and I will give it a try. Without further ado, lets begin.


This video editing tool is from the home of CyberLink, which is a huge name in the scene of video editing. I added this to the top of my list because of the simplicity it offers. You can create a really good looking video or edit one using this app. It has almost all the features one would need to create a good quality video.

All the features are available for free, but the output video will have a watermark. This can be removed either by making a onetime inapp purchase or by watching a short video advertisement for each video you create.


This is another video editing tool from the house of CyberLink and this one comes with the support for 4K videos. Although this one is free to use with watermarked output videos, to remove the watermark you have to pay. This app more sophisticated than the previous one and if you’re into professional video making, with the need for adding multiple audio tracks and a plethora of effects, tools etc, then this one is for you.


This tool is completely free to use and have minimal effects and features. But it excels at what it does. The pros are its free, works well for small projects.

So these are my choices for Android video editing apps. Let me know in comments the ones you use for your projects.