Wordpress themes top five
Wordpress themes top five

Finding the right WordPress theme can be difficult. You have to consider a lot of things when buying one which makes it even more difficult. It should look beautiful, it should have all the features you want and would want in the future, it should get updates frequently, it should have the ability to be customized etc. So here I will try and make it easier for you. Below are the themes which I think are kind of future proof and has almost all the features a website administrator would want., and yes, they look beautiful too.

Note: All the themes in this article are responsive!

#1 Newspaper

1.__large_previewI own two copies of this theme, need I say more? This is one of the best themes I have ever used and you won’t believe the support you get with the theme. They have their own forums for support and they usually update the theme frequently. Often the new updates come with a lot of new features. These updates are not just mere bug fixes. They actually try and make the theme better and let your website keep updated with the current trend.

And this theme is fast, as in really fast. You wouldn’t find many themes which give you 90+ score on Google Page Speed Insights. This theme does that. Also the theme comes with a few awesome addons like Visual editor, Rrevolution slider and Speed Booster. If you’re too concerned about the sheer number of people who have bought this item, don’t worry, if you spend a little time on it, you can customize the hell out of this theme easily and make it look nothing like the one they are showing in the demo. So don’t worry about duplicates.

#2 Sahifa

01_preview1.__large_preview2Another awesome WordPress theme. Sahifa is the king of themes when it comes down to the availability of features! And they continue to update the theme with new features every now and then. At the times of writing this post, the theme has had 6 updates in the year and that is within a time span of 6 months. So you know how serious they are about keeping up with the customer requests and current trends in design.

This theme also has the ability to be customized to a very good extend and can be used for various different niches. Be it a WordPress forum or an Ecommerce website this theme fits perfectly.

#3 Gonzo

01_promo.__large_preview3If you’re not interested in all the features and stuff and just want to make your website look good, then this theme must be the one you  want. Gonzo doesn’t come with fancy features and doesn’t have that much customization options. But it does its job so well that, many people simply prefer this theme to themes which have all the fancy features and customization options.
Another great feature about this theme is how it incorporates the review system seamlessly. The integration is  pretty good and I must say it looks great unlike many other themes’ review systems. So if you would consider having reviews on your website and you don’t want all the fancy features, I don’t think you have to think again.

#4 SmartMag

preview.__large_preview.4jpgSmartMag is another magazine theme which looks modern, trendy and has a lot of features. When you are in search for a new theme for your website, at one point you tend to see the features of almost all themes are the same. All has a lot of feature and offer almost the same features when compared to other competitive themes. Now if you’re new into these website building and theme choosing, you might want to know that the number of features shouldn’t be your first priority. Its how the developer has executed it, how seamless you can work with those features. Here is where the themes differ. Some of the themes are so feature rich that anyone goes through the theme demo will be tempted to buy it, right there right then.

SmartMag is not just another feature rich theme, the developer has spend considerable amount of time to tweak the features so that it is a very user-friendly theme. The numbers won’t lie. Just check out the link below and see the number of sales and the reviews(both written reviews and star reviews) it has got. That should explain everything to you. And this should be your first priority when you’re choosing a theme. The second priority should goto the support system, see if the developer is providing support specifically long term support. SmartMag excels in that too.

#5 BuzzBlog

01-BUZZBLOG.__large_previewBuzzblog is one of the cleanliest and simple looking theme with a lot of features. Some themes looks clean when you stick with the default layout, but the moment you change that, all the cleanliness is gone. But this is not one of those themes. The theme offers quite a few customization options and yet it retains its simple and elegant look whatever you choose do with it. So if you’re into simple and elegant looking website, then this theme is for you. Although this theme can’t be categorized as a magazine theme, it would be totally acceptiable if you chose this theme for your website even if a magazine theme would suit it. It is that great. Don’t believe me? Check out the demo link here.

So these are the top five magazine themes for WordPress. If you’re in a search for an incredible theme, I guess you can end that here.But if you want to look at more options, please do so by cliking here.

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