Alanah Pearce

Facebook is often super annoying as it is already. Now if you’re the target of spammers, then it gets a bit more annoying. But what if you’re famous? It gets annoying and kind of scary. How it becomes scary? Well, it becomes scary if people start to send you rape threats. This is what happened to Alanah Pearce, a Video Game reviewer.

But how she acted upon it is kinda strange, but I must say very effective and the right thing. According to the statrus messages from her twitter profile, she has been getting rape threats from random kids every now and then. But instead of just avoiding it or trying to destroy the future for the kids, she apparently did the right thing, she contacted their mothers and tried to explain the situation to them.

Here is a Twitter status message which includes the screenshot from one of the similar conversations:


According to her twitter replies, it was kind of easy to track down the parents of these kids from their Facebook profile and she says she contacted four mothers like this. But only one of them replied. Well, it could be because, mostly if you’re not a friend of the person who is sending you a message, it goes to the “others” folder.

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