[plato@techtuft.com ~]# whoami
Polyglot Developer who loves to write code and has a soft spot for serverless technologies.
Codes in: python, go, ruby, javascript, swift, java, php
Works with: ruby on rails, laravel, vuejs, nuxt.js, fastapi
Loves to: do ctfs, travel, read, and automate mundane everyday tasks. (:

[plato@techtuft.com ~]# tree

├── home
├── about-me
├── contact-me
└── current-projects
	└── filmemo: movie game powered by chatgpt
                └── demo url
        └── sockv5er: encrypt traffic
        └── pysubs: subtitle generator
                └── demo url
        └── stock-picker: performer shortlister
                └── demo url
        └── blog 1, blog 2